Snowmobile Works


Daily Rental is 8AM-5PM
Fuel is full when rented and must be full when returned
There is a $100 per day non refundable but rescheduleable deposit required on all rentals
10 day notice required to reschedule due to poor trail conditions
All rentals are subject to availibility
Weekday Rates
(Excludes Holidays)
                   1 Day           2 Days               3 Days
                            $250                       $475                            $700
                            $250                       $475                            $675
500/600/700 Snowmobiles
2UP Touring Sleds
Weekend Rates
                                                          $250 Per Day
                                                          $250 Per Day

Call for rental pricing for over 3 days
Maintenance and Storage also availible
Call: (845) 430 - 9084